SOFY for your Website Testing​

SOFY offers all the tools you need to test your website and automatically validate the health of your site. The 200+ industry best practice validations are run in minutes and on the most popular browsers.  

Why SOFY for Web Testing?

Exploratory Testing

SOFY's exploratory engine can automatically explore your website and test for broken links and can run behind any auth or custom credentials.

Automatically Validate

SOFY performs more than 200 validations automatically for each page within minutes.

Test Across Browsers

SOFY identifies your website performance and other issues on Chrome and Firefox browsers.

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Effortless Integrations

SOFY offers seamless integration with the top CI/CD tools, your website gets tested within minutes after test or product deployment.

Solution Overview

Test Every Single Page of Your Website

SOFY can explore the whole website within minutes and ensure there are no broken links and tests for over 200 tests.

  • Increase Your Test Coverage
  • Test Each Web Page
  • Adapt To Changing Applications

Automatically Validate Websites

SOFY is integrated with leading testing tools to measure your website performance, Accessibility, etc on both Chrome and Firefox browsers.

  • Visual Quality Check
  • Security
  • SEO
  • Performance Tests
  • Mobile Experience for your website
  • Accessibility

Provide Quality insights

SOFY compares each run against the baseline and trends where the regressions are caused build by build, so that you can find quality issues before your customer does.

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