SOFY for your Mobile App Testing

SOFY enables mobile app testing using real iOS and Android devices from anywhere and anytime. You can perform both manual and automated testing and seamlessly move between the two. No coding required. With SOFY you get to determine the productivity of your team, get a picture of device coverage from your testing. SOFY integrates with all your favorite development tools.

Why SOFY for Mobile Testing?

Manual / Automated Testing

Perform automated and manual testing and convert manual tests into automation.

Parallel Test Execution

Run any number of tests in parallel and on-demand. No need to wait for devices.

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Effortless Integrations

Integrate in minutes with Jira, Slack, Teams, GitHub, Azure DevOps, Circle CI, Android Studio and Eclipse IDEs.

Productivity Metrics

Make informed decisions with team's productivity report, device coverage and release sign-off reports.

Solution Overview

Access devices in Real Time

Access real iOS and Android devices from anywhere​.

testing on real iOS and Android mobile devices
convert manual test runs into automation

Run Manual Tests

Seamlessly run your manual tests and easily convert manual tests into automation​.

See Test Results

SOFY generates Security, Performance, Visual Quality and Crash reports while providing contextual information and recommendations for fixing the problems.

audit description and recommendation for mobile app
product issue with contextual data for android app

Create Issues with Rich Contextual Data

SOFY automatically creates screenshots, device logs and OS version info automatically.

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